I’m Camille Morell.  Welcome to Glory Matters!

Enabling businesses and people to be successful.  This is my mission, my life’s work.  It’s always been what I have done wherever I’ve been employed, called to serve or to volunteer.

For me, success is all about being the best you can be so that you can bring glory and honour to God.

In this blog, I share my thoughts on everyday issues and everyday living from a Biblical perspective.  It’s my way of encouraging people to be their best so that they can serve Him effectively and gloriously.

“Christ in me, the hope of glory.”  That’s why Glory Matters!

Feel free to leave comments.

If business topics interest you, please visit my other blog the BIG picture Camille 

Another invitation: please visit my website www.camilleisaacsmorell.com

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Camille,

    Greetings to you!
    I’m glad I find your blog. I recently started writing a blog on christian faith. have a look at once. Glory be to God!

    • Hello Jay,

      Thanks for your interest in my blog Glorymatters. Please see the following instructions to follow my posts:

      Click the FOLLOW button that appears in the toolbar at the top of all WordPress.com sites (when you’re logged in) to start following a blog. All new posts published on that blog will start showing up in your reader, and you’ll also receive email notifications of new posts. You can find more detailed instructions by clicking on the following hyperlink:

      Every blessing!


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